Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hi, Fructose!

Hi, fructose corn syrup! Since you're in every loaf of bread sold at Stop & Shop (besides the sliced cinder blocks in the natural food section), I figured I should introduce myself. I'm the proofreader-turned-label-scrutinizing mother who could spot you on a 4-point-font ingredient panel in a foreign language: jarabe de maĆ­z de alta fructosa, I'm talking to you! If I want sugar, I'll eat sugar, without the side of mercury and Type 2 Diabetes, thanks anyway. No longer will I buy the bread, crackers or soup within which you dwell (and why are you there, anyway?), nor the stuff that's supposed to be sweet, soda and ice cream and crap. You are making us a sick, fat, addicted monocrop monoculture and I, for one, pledge to never again* knowingly buy you.


*Except for canned cranberry sauce. Haven't found one yet without HFCS...but as soon as I do, never means NEVER.
Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr